Friday, October 19, 2007


I am so very sad....I lost my Grandmother last night. She was 89 years old and had lived a good life with lots of babies and lots of LOVE. She had 2 great loves in her life....babies and making quilts. She is survived by 6 children, 21 grandchildren, 46 great grandchildren and 14 great-great grandchildren.

I was blessed to have her in my life for 43 years and received a great deal of knowledge and love from her.

Grandma -- I know you are in a better place and that the love of your life for 56 years (Grandpa) is by your side and showing you the way. I will miss you forever!!!

Here is a pic of my Grandmother and my son, taken in 1989.


Carol said...

I am so very sorry and my condolences go to you. I lost my grandma at the end of August this year and I know she's with my grandpa, but it's so horribly hard for those left behind. {{{hugs}}}

Myxi said...

When I saw the picture of your Grandmother, it reminded me of my husbands Grandmother so much. We have countless pictures of her holding her "babies". She took me in as one of her own when I married my husband and I'm so thankful for her guidance and love for the 7 short years that I knew her. I can still smell her perfume. She wore "Heaven Sent". She babysat my children while I worked, and they adored her. She "LET ME" watch and write down the ingredients to her world (our world) famous buttermilk cream pies. She never gave anyone the recipe because it was in her head. I had to guess at the exact amounts of the ingredients. I must have done pretty well because after 35 years, for every holiday, I have GOT to take each person their own pie. I can still see her wearing her aprons and wearing those old black "Granny" shoes. I remember no matter what had to be done in the daytime, she had to stop what she was doing to watch "All My Children", and "The Guiding Light" soap operas.
Grandma was a hard working woman and retired from a local Glass company. She raised 5 children working there because her husband had passed away when her youngest daughter (my MIL) was just a young girl. I remember the rag rugs she braided. I still have some of them today. Grandma was a special woman and she will always live on in my heart. I'm so sorry that you lost your Grandmother, BUT Iknow you will treasure all those wonderful memories of her for the rest of your life. I promise.

Addicted2Scrappin' said...

My condolences about your losing your grandmother. Hugs!