Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Funky Star Overlay FREEBIE

Good morning everyone....I have another OVERLAY FREEBIE for you today!!! Please post some feedback if you download it...your feedback is what gives me incentive to keep creating freebies. Some of the freebies have had more than 600 downloads with only 4 or 5 comments :(

Thanks & enjoy ;)



Miss j said...

Yeah. I'm the first! Very cute overlay. Sorry about the comments. I am not gonna lie. I don't always leave comments. I AM GUILTY. I do try to at least every other that i do. I do appreciate everything that you give to us for free. If it wasn't for wonderful ladies such as yourself, I for one would not be able to digiscrap. I am a single mother who is currently unemployed. I work for a temp agency occationally but its not enough. If you know what i mean. You truly allow me to participate in a hobby that I absolutely love. Thank you again. For all you do.

Maria said...

Thank you for your freebie! Your blog post has been added to the freebies list at digifree.blogspot.com

MomOf3 said...

Thank you so much for your freebie! I must echo miss j's thoughts. These freebies are oftentimes the only way I am able to do this wonderful hobby! Thank you Thank you!

PSharp said...

Thank you for the great overlay.